MicroStrategy ONE

MicroStrategy for Office

System Requirements




For more information, such as supported applications and web browsers, see Prerequisites in MicroStrategy for Office Help.

For all certified systems, see Platform Certifications.

Compatibility and Interoperability

MicroStrategy for Office supports Excel and PowerPoint via add-ins and Microsoft Teams with a custom app built for your organization.

The MicroStrategy Excel add-in is supported in web for Chrome, Edge, Firefox, and Safari browsers, while the Teams app is supported in Chrome and Edge. MicroStrategy recommends staying current with browser updates and upgrades to leverage the capabilities and features added in each version.

MicroStrategy for Office also supports the desktop version of Excel, PowerPoint, and Teams on Mac and Windows.

The previous .NET MicroStrategy Office add-in using XML and Web Services is no longer actively developed by MicroStrategy.

Installing MicroStrategy for Office

For steps to install MicroStrategy for Office, see Installing MicroStrategy for Office.