MicroStrategy ONE

How to Log In and View the Status of a Project

To access reports and documents in MicroStrategy, you must first log in. Use the appropriate procedure below depending on whether you are a regular MicroStrategy Web user or a guest user.

To Log In

  1. Open MicroStrategy Web.
  2. Do one of the following, depending on whether you are presented with a log-in screen or a list of projects:
    • If you are prompted to log in, enter your user name and password and click OK. The project selection dialog is displayed. Select the project in which you want to work.
    • If a list of projects is displayed, select the project in which you want to work, and then log in to that project.
  3. If any of the following options are displayed below the user name and password fields, select the checkbox for the correct authentication type.
    • Standard authentication (user name and password).
    • LDAP authentication.
    • Database authentication.
    • Windows authentication.
    • Trusted authentication request.
    • Guest user.

    These will appear if your administrator provided you with one or more authentication user names and passwords to use for logging into MicroStrategy Web. For more information, contact your administrator.

  4. Select Save my password checkbox to bypass the log-in page the next time you open MicroStrategy Web.
  5. Click Login.
  6. If your password has expired, a Change Password link is displayed. Click the link to change your password.

Logging In as a Guest User

You can log into MicroStrategy Web as an anonymous guest user if the administrator has enabled this option in the Security section of Project Defaults.

When you log in as a guest, you have access to only those functions assigned by the administrator for the guest account, and all modifications and report execution requests are saved for only as long as you remain logged in. You cannot save any reports or changes you make to reports.

When you log out of MicroStrategy Web, MicroStrategy Intelligence Server releases all data associated with the session.

  1. Click the project to which you want to connect.
  2. On the project log-in dialog, click the Guest User hyperlink. You are now logged into the project as a guest.

The Guest User privilege must be created in MicroStrategy Developer. Your Administrator must activate the setting in order for the Guest User hyperlink to appear.

Viewing the Status of a Project

If there is a status message for a project, it is displayed either at the top or bottom of the project's home page when you log in.

A project's status includes messages from the system administrator or project designer, for example when work is being performed on certain objects in the project. The status also usually includes a date and time stamp.

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