Version 2021

MicroStrategy Architect

MicroStrategy Architect is designed to meet the needs of application architects and developers. It includes all the schema development, change management, and modeling tools that enable architects to manage the full development life cycle of MicroStrategy applications. The Architect product allows IT organizations to flexibly share and distribute roles and responsibilities for development, testing, promotions, and migrations during the application lifestyle, leading to vast improvements in organizational efficiency.

MicroStrategy Developer

  • Windows Installer 3.0 or later is required to install MicroStrategy products on a Windows platform.
  • If you are installing MicroStrategy Developer on Windows Vista or later versions, you must install Microsoft's DHTML Editing Control for Applications Redistributable Package. The redistributable package contains files that were removed with the release of Windows Vista, but are required for MicroStrategy Developer to work properly. For information on this redistributable package and the necessary installation steps, see the following link.
  • You can download the software from the MicroStrategy download site.
  • To install and access MicroStrategy Server Administrator, when installing MicroStrategy Developer, your license key must be licensed for MicroStrategy Intelligence Server.

MicroStrategy Developer provides analytical features designed to facilitate and perform the deployment of reports. It governs application objects such as reports, filters, and metrics.

Developer also enables you to create application objects. The application objects are built on the schema objects that are created in MicroStrategy Architect. These application objects are used to analyze and provide insight into relevant data. The following sections provide a brief description of the subcomponents for these products.

The subcomponents of MicroStrategy Developer include:

  • MicroStrategy Analyst is a simplified version of MicroStrategy Developer, providing the basic interactive reporting functionality required by managers.
  • MicroStrategy Developer is a full-featured version for power analysts and application developers. With a full range of analytical functionality, a rich library of functions, and intelligent workflow, Developer is well suited for power users.
  • MicroStrategy Architect provides project designer functionality such as attribute, fact, hierarchy, and project creation and modification. Architect contains the following subcomponents:
    • MicroStrategy Function Plug-in Wizard is an add-in to the Microsoft Visual C++ compiler, which comes with a standard MicroStrategy installation. It allows you to create a C++ project, with which you can implement your own custom MicroStrategy function plug-in. The option to install this component is enabled only if Microsoft Visual C++ version 2005 (8.0) or version 2010 (10.0) is present on the system where the installation is being performed.
    • Customers interested in deploying analytics from the R programming language into MicroStrategy can do so using the R Integration Pack, available on MicroStrategy's GitHub page.
  • MicroStrategy Server Administrator is a MicroStrategy Intelligence Server administrative console that provides functionality such as system monitoring, cache management, and user and group management.

When installing MicroStrategy Developer, your license key must be licensed for MicroStrategy Intelligence Server to install and access MicroStrategy Server Administrator.

For information on various options present in Developer to create and run reports, see the Basic Reporting Help. After you are familiar with basic Developer concepts, see the Advanced Reporting Help for information on advanced Developer functionality.

Directory Structure

The following table lists folders and files of interest that are included in the default directory structure after an installation of Developer.

The default folder is:

C:\Program Files (x86)\MicroStrategy\Product Name when installed on a 64-bit Windows environment.

If installed over previous versions of the product, the folder remains the same.



\MicroStrategy\Desktop MicroStrategy Developer root directory
\MicroStrategy\Desktop\Images Custom images used by the MicroStrategy Developer application

On a 64-bit Windows environment:

\Program Files (x86)\Common Files\MicroStrategy\Log

Log directory, for diagnostics output

MicroStrategy Architect

MicroStrategy includes a project design tool known as Architect. Architect allows you to define all the required components of your project from a centralized interface. Architect also provides a visual representation of your project as you create it, which helps to provide an intuitive workflow.

For information on using Architect to design a project in MicroStrategy, see the Project Design Help.

MicroStrategy Integrity Manager

MicroStrategy Integrity Manager is an automated report comparison tool. Report SQL, report data, and graphs can be executed and compared in Integrity Manager to help customers verify change success. In addition, the report comparison output can be analyzed at the report level in MicroStrategy Integrity Manager, and as HTML and XML summary files that are generated to provide easily distributed results to other users.

To learn more about MicroStrategy Integrity Manager, see the System Administration Help.

MicroStrategy Object Manager

MicroStrategy Object Manager provides complete life cycle management capabilities for MicroStrategy environments. Using Object Manager, you can copy objects within a project or across related projects.

For information on using Object Manager, see the System Administration Help.