Install & Config 2019

Installation Procedures on Linux

The MicroStrategy products that you can install on Linux environments are:

  • MicroStrategy Intelligence Server
  • MicroStrategy Web
  • MicroStrategy Portlets
  • MicroStrategy GIS Connectors
  • MicroStrategy Web Services for Office
  • MicroStrategy Mobile
  • MicroStrategy Command Manager
  • MicroStrategy Integrity Manager
  • MicroStrategy Messaging Services
  • MicroStrategy System Manager
  • MicroStrategy Identity:
    • MicroStrategy Identity Server
    • MicroStrategy Identity Manager
  • MicroStrategy Communicator
  • MicroStrategy Library
  • MicroStrategy Platform Analytics

The MicroStrategy SDK and MicroStrategy Developer Library (MSDL) are not included in the MicroStrategy installation. You can download the MicroStrategy SDK from the MicroStrategy support site . You can also access the MicroStrategy Developer Library from the MicroStrategy support site.

R and R Integration Pack libraries are optional components that can be installed during MicroStrategy platform installation.

For more information about these products, see MicroStrategy Products and Components.

The following processes will be registered as OS services automatically following restart after installation is complete:

  • Intelligence Server
  • Enterprise Manager Service
  • Data Wrangling process
  • Hadoop Gateway Manager
  • Kafka
  • Zookeeper
  • Intelligence Server Log consumer
  • Export Engine

It is recommended that you install MicroStrategy products as the root user.

To install MicroStrategy MicroStrategy Identity, see MicroStrategy Identity Pre-Installation Instructions.

If you are installing MicroStrategy Identity Manager, you must create a database to manage user identities.

  • If you are installing MicroStrategy products with a CPU-based license, you must be logged in as the root user; otherwise an error message is displayed and the installation fails.
  • If you want a non-root user to be the administrator of the server, you must manually change the ownership after running the installation. Intelligence Server operation is dependent on root user privileges and permissions. Therefore, changing the ownership of Intelligence Server to a non-root user is not a certified or recommended practice.
  • Only a user with root permissions can install MicroStrategy Identity components.
  • During installation, the user account for Intelligence Server is tested to verify that it can successfully support the use of common system tools for the operating system. If you change the user account for Intelligence Server, you must verify that this user account can use and access common system tools for the operating system.
  • Script files within HOME_PATH/env and other configuration files within HOME_PATH (see Installing with the MicroStrategy Installation Wizard for Linux for information on this MicroStrategy directory) are overwritten anytime a new MicroStrategy product is installed on a machine. Backup copies of the previous file are also created during the installation. These backup copies can be used to update the new versions of the script and configuration files to include any prior modifications.

    For example, Intelligence Server is installed on a machine. Then a week later Command Manager is installed on the same machine. During this installation of Command Manager, script files such as are overwritten and a backup copy of each of these files is created before installing Command Manager.