Introduction to HyperIntelligence

HyperIntelligence is a new addition to MicroStrategy Workstation that allows analysts to inject analytics and intelligence directly into every user's web browsing or mobile experience. This enterprise analytics tool works seamlessly across web-based content and through your mobile device to bring answers to people through relevant, context-based analytics.

You no longer have to log into an environment, find a report, and then locate relevant information. HyperIntelligence brings answers directly to you through contextualized analytics that is as simple as hovering over a highlighted word.

Organizations of all types can use HyperIntelligence to share employee information including, name, job title, phone number, email address, reporting structure, and more to others within the organization. This eliminates the needs to pull up an organization chart to find out someone’s role or responsibilities and helps streamline communication.

Understanding HyperCards

HyperIntelligence allows you to view data in the context of a website or your mobile device. After activating the HyperIntelligence Google Chrome extension, some terms on web pages appear underlined. Hover over the underlined text to display relevant data on a HyperCard™.

HyperCards are objects that host data. When a user creates a HyperCard in MicroStrategy Workstation, they select a keyword attribute, or topic, that defines the purpose of the card. HyperCard creators can then add specific attributes and metrics to the card’s KPIs to display relevant information. You can view cards through the Google Chrome extension or HyperMobile.