Version 2021

Update Your License

If you need to update a license and you receive a new license key from MicroStrategy, use the License Manager to perform the upgrade. If you have licenses based on the number of CPUs being used, you can also use the update process to change the number of CPUs being used by a given product. For complete details on performing an upgrade in your environment, see the Upgrade Help.

You must update your license key on all machines where MicroStrategy products are installed. License Manager updates the license information for the products that are installed on that machine.

To Update a MicroStrategy License

  1. Acquire a new license key from MicroStrategy.
  2. Open MicroStrategy License Manager. For instructions, see Using License Manager.

    In command line mode, the steps to update your license vary from those below. Refer to the License Manager command line prompts to guide you through the steps to update your license.

  3. On the License Administration tab, select the Update local license key option and click Next.
  4. Type or paste the new key in the New License Key field and click Next.

    If you have one or more products that are licensed based on CPU usage, the Upgrade window opens, showing the maximum number of CPUs each product is licensed to use on that machine. You can change these numbers to fit your license agreement. For example, if you purchase a license that allows more CPUs to be used, you can increase the number of CPUs being used by a product.

  5. The results of the upgrade are shown in the Upgrade Results dialog box. License Manager can automatically request an Activation Code for your license after you update.
  6. If you have updated your license information, restart Intelligence Server after the update. This allows the system to recognize the license key update and system behavior can return to normal.