Version 2021

Import Data

MicroStrategy for Office enables you to import reports, datasets, and dossiers from MicroStrategy to Excel.

  1. Connect to the MicroStrategy for Office add-in. MicroStrategy for Office opens in a sidebar.
  2. Select a starting cell.
  3. Click Import Data.
  4. By default, you are in My Library view. You can select a dossier saved in your library.
  5. To view the data saved in your environment, turn off the My Library toggle.
  6. You can search, filter, refresh, and sort your data.
  7. Select a report, dataset, or dossier.
  8. Click Import.
  9. If you are importing data from a dossier, select a visualization, and click Import
  10. If the selected cell range is unavailable, the Import Destination dialog appears asking you to select a new destination for your data. Select one of the following two options:

    • Active Cell: Select a cell in the sheet where you want your data to be imported.
    • New Sheet: A new sheet containing your data will be created.

  11. You can now see the imported object in the add-in sidebar. If you click on it, it becomes highlighted in the worksheet.

    You can also view your data's imported object and source details by expanding the Show Details drop-down.