Version 2021


Use the following topics to troubleshoot and resolve issues encountered when using MicroStrategy for Office.

Accessing the Add-In

Blank add-in sidebar on Windows

Determine if an HTTPS connection is established

Library with custom authentication does not work in browsers


Determine your add-in version

Determine if a certificate is valid

Add-in does not load when using Microsoft Office online

Importing Data

Imported objects do not appear in the add-in sidebar on Windows

Buttons do not appear on Google Chrome and Firefox browsers

Diagnose issues encountered when importing objects

Visualization selectors do not appear

Zeros in the imported data display incorrectly

Importing a table directly below another table results in an error

Determine the Excel API version being used


Limitations in MicroStrategy for Office 2020 Update 1

General Issues (Safari on Mac)

Safari users may experience the following issues with Excel for the web:

  • not being able to log in
  • blank sidebar
  • empty object list for import

To troubleshoot, open your Mac's Preferences > Privacy and clear the Prevent cross‑site tracking checkbox.