Version 2021

Create an MDX Cube Report

You can create an MDX cube report using an imported MDX cube as the data source. MDX cube reports can be created in either MicroStrategy Developer or Web.

The topics in this section explain options for creating and managing MDX cube reports:

With OLAP Services features, you can also report on MDX cubes by creating Intelligent Cube reports that connect to Intelligent Cubes containing MDX cube data. For steps to create an Intelligent Cube based on an MDX cube, see Creating Intelligent Cubes Cased on MDX Cubes . For steps to create an Intelligent Cube report, refer to the In-memory Analytics Help.

With MultiSource Option features, you can include MDX cube data along with data from your relational project. For steps to create a report with these analysis capabilities, see Including MDX Cube Data in Standard Reports.

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