Version 2021

MicroStrategy for Tableau

MicroStrategy for Tableau allows you to fetch data from reports or cubes that reside in MicroStrategy projects into Tableau Public (also known as Tableau Desktop). You can import datasets with up to four million rows and 30+ columns.

Starting in MicroStrategy 2020 Update 2, you can use an independent MicroStrategy for Tableau connector as a separate web application. You can find the installer on the MicroStrategy download site.

To learn more about the MicroStrategy for Tableau connector, see KB484311: Independent MicroStrategy for Tableau connector.


Using the Tableau connector in MicroStrategy 2019 Update 2 or later requires the Use Application Tableau privilege. This privilege is located in the Client-Application-Tableau privilege group.

Starting in MicroStrategy 2021 Update 2, Java 11 is required. It is strongly recommended that you upgrade to MicroStrategy 2021 Update 2 or a later version.

To use the connector, Tableau Public 10.4 or later is needed.

To use the connector, you must either have the MicroStrategyForTableau.war file or CommunityConnectors.war file deployed in your environment.

Deploy the MicroStrategyForTableau.war File

  1. Download and extract the MicroStrategy for Tableau connector zip file.
  2. Run the installer.
  3. Deploy the .war file. See How to Set Up Application Servers for MicroStrategy for Tableau.

Import Data from MicroStrategy to Tableau

  1. Open Tableau Desktop Public Edition. Under Connect, click Web Data Connector.

    If it is not there, click More > Web Data Connector.

  2. Enter the following URL:

    • If MicroStrategForTableau.war is deployed: https://<MSTR Domain>/MicroStrategyForTableau/
    • If CommunityConnectors.war is deployed: https://<MSTR Domain>/CommunityConnectors/mstr/

    If the connector does not automatically detect Tableau, add the query ?mode=tableau to the end of the URL and refresh your browser.

  3. Enter your API Server URL and environment credentials.

    Your REST API URL is your environment URL with /MicroStrategyLibrary/ added at the end.

  4. Click Log in with credentials.
  5. Select your applications.
  6. Click OK.
  7. Under Datasets, select a dataset or use the search to locate a dataset.
  8. Select the attributes, metrics, or filters to include.

  9. Click Select All to either select all attributes, metrics, or filters.
  10. Use the View selected toggle to only see selected objects.
  11. Click Data Preview.
  12. Click Submit.
  13. Click Update Now or Automatically Update to finish importing your dataset into Tableau.

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