MicroStrategy ONE

Plug-in Architecture

MicroStrategy Web provides a framework for plugging in your customization changes as a piece of software (called a plug-in) into MicroStrategy Web such that no compilation or modification of the source code is required for deploying the customization changes.

A plug-in is a folder that contains a single or a combination of several files (such as configuration files, JSP or ASP.NET files, etc.) with software code specific to the customization. This software code is then virtually merged into the out-of-the-box file or files of the same name (such as configuration files, JSP or ASP.NET files, etc.) when the application server hosting MicroStrategy Web is restarted.

The Web Customization Editor provided with MicroStrategy SDK is built on top of the plug-in architecture. It automatically creates plug-ins for your customizations and saves them in the appropriate location.