MicroStrategy ONE

Advantages of Using the Web Customization Editor

It is recommended that you use only the Web Customization Editor for all your customization needs. The editor offers the following significant advantages.

  1. Uses the plug-in architecture

    Since the editor is built on top of MicroStrategy Web’s plug-in architecture, it leverages all the benefits provided by the plug-in architecture. These benefits include being able to extend functionality of MicroStrategy Web without the need to recompile or add new functionality without requiring access to source code.  

  2. Minimizes the impact of upgrades

    All customization changes are saved by the editor in a separate folder which prevents the changes from being overwritten during upgrades. This ensures that every upgrade allows you to view your customizations in the new version of MicroStrategy Web as well as use the new MicroStrategy Web functionality introduced in that upgrade.  

  3. Reduces time from development to deployment

    The editor provides easy-to-use wizards that help you navigate through specific customization tasks. Thus, you do not need to manually modify multiple files such as configuration files, JSP or ASP.NET files, CSS files and so on to achieve your customization. The wizards provide the relevant steps to help accomplish your goals and save the changes so they are ready for deployment.  

  4. Decreases the time required for understanding MicroStrategy Web

    While some understanding of MicroStrategy Web is required to perform customizations, the editor’s intuitive user interface presents the customizable components in a user-friendly manner. Previously, you had to understand the code in the configuration files or JSP or ASP .NET files to perform customizations, but now, the editor presents this information in a straightforward manner.  

  5. Provides one single application for performing all customizations

    The editor provides a single point of entry for all your customization needs. Whether you are extending existing or adding new functionality or altering the application workflow, the editor is designed to be the only application you need to use. Thus you do not need to browse multiple folders or open several files to perform your customization.  

  6. Reduces errors

    The editor provides you with values for the different properties or settings that are available to you for customization. Additionally, it converts your selections into code which is then inserted into relevant files. This reduces the potential for errors. 

  7. Eases user maintenance

    The editor automatically creates plug-ins based in your customization requirements. Thus, you do not need to get involved with any manual process of modifying or saving files.  

  8. Facilitates portability of customizations

    Once a plug-in has been successfully deployed using the Web Customization Editor, it can be easily ported to an identical version of MicroStrategy Web on a different machine by simply inserting the plug-in into the appropriate folder inside the MicroStrategy Web installation. This reduces the time in moving your customizations from a development environment to a production environment.