Version 2021

Web Objects Layer

The Web objects layer is built on top of the XML API layer. The Web objects layer is essential for performing advanced customization tasks.

The Web objects layer contains a set of Web objects with properties and is responsible for:

  • XML construction: Eases the use of the XML API by delegating the construction of all XML requests to these Web objects. XML request strings must be constructed for operations such as pivot, page-by, prompts, drilling, and searching. The corresponding XML is constructed by manipulating the Web objects.  

  • Data representation: Eases inspection of XML data by representing the structure and values of the XML as interconnected objects with properties.

These Web objects can be used along with the XML API. For example, these objects might be used to construct XML and then save it or to execute a request and collect the response as an XML string. This set of objects provides a necessary and critical separation between the XML structure and the application, which enables the introduction of new XML forms without breaking the application functionality.

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