Interface WebGraphArea

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    public interface WebGraphArea
    MicroStrategy Web 8.1.0
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      • getCoordinates

        java.lang.String getCoordinates()
        Returns a string representing the co-ordinates required to define the graph area.
      • setCoordinates

        void setCoordinates​(java.lang.String coords)
        Set coordinates
        coords -
      • getObjectID

        int getObjectID()
        Each graph area is associated to a graph object which is represented by the ID. The graph object ID is from EnumDSSXMLGraphObjectID
        This method will return the objectID associated to the graph area.
      • getSeriesID

        int getSeriesID()
        Returns the series which is associated with the graph area.
        int that represents the 'index' of the series
      • getGroupID

        int getGroupID()
        Returns the group which is associated with the graph area.
        int that represents the 'index' of the group
      • getToolTip

        java.lang.String getToolTip()
        Returns the tooltip for the graph area.
        String that represents the tooltip
      • getDrillMap

        WebDrillMap getDrillMap()
        Returns the WebDrillMap associated with the graph area. If the area is not drillable, this method returns null.
      • isDrillable

        boolean isDrillable()
        Utility to determine if the graph area is drillable or not.
        boolean true is there is a drill map associated with the area and false otherwise
      • isLinkedToControl

        boolean isLinkedToControl()
        returns true if the graph area corresponds to a template unit which has a control.
      • getAxesBitMap

        int getAxesBitMap()
        Returns the axes that the graph area represents. A graph area can correspond to 0 or more Axes (e.g. data points corresond to both axes, empty areas corresond to no axes, labels correspond to one axis). The returned value is bitwise ORed one from EnumDSSXMLAxesBitMap.
      • isMetric

        boolean isMetric()
        Returns a boolean true if the graph area is a metric otherwise false.
        a boolean
        MicroStrategy Web 9.0.0
      • getRWControls

        java.util.Set<RWControl> getRWControls()
        Get the set of all available selector controls on current graph area,
        Set of RWControl
        MicroStrategy Web 9.2.0
      • copy

        WebGraphArea copy()
        copy WebGraphArea
        the copy of WebGraphArea