Version 2021

The Upgrade Process Checklist

The upgrade process described in the rest of this guide involves the following high-level steps. To help ensure a successful upgrade, follow these steps in the order they are presented in this guide.

  1. Prepare the MicroStrategy system and projects for upgrade.
    • Review information specific to your version upgrade.
    • Pre-upgrade information and prerequisites.
    • Check for certified and supported configurations for all products and components being installed.

    • Back up the production metadata, repositories, and stores.
    • Create an upgrade test environment which is a duplicate of production.

  2. Back up your customizations, if applicable.
  3. If you are upgrading your Express installation environment, you can elect to keep the current version of tutorial or your existing database. During the upgrade, you are asked "Do you want to overwrite the existing database?"
    • Select Yes to overwrite the database and existing data.
    • Select No to keep your current database to use with the upgrade.
  4. Install and configure a MicroStrategy 2021 test environment.

  5. Using the test environment, update a copy of your product metadata.

  6. Validate the test environment with functional testing, comparisons tests in Integrity Manager, and simulated end-to-end performance tests using the Capacity Testing Tool.

    For more information, see Validating the Upgrade.

  7. Upgrade and configure Intelligence Server in the production environment.

  8. Upgrade remaining MicroStrategy products in the production environment.