Interface WebSubscriptionContact

    • Method Detail

      • getSubscriptions

        SimpleList getSubscriptions​(int deliveryMode,
                                    int blockBegin,
                                    int blockCount)
                             throws WebObjectsException
        Returns a SimpleList collection of WebSubscription objects to which this particular user is subscribed to, for a specified delivery mode, from a specified begin block, up to a specified block count.
        deliveryMode - , from EnumDSSXMLSubscriptionDeliveryType
        blockBegin - , the starting count of subscription, it is 0-based index which means set it N will return subscriptions from the (N+1)th subscription.
        blockCount - , block size for the incremental fetch of subscription. If set it 0, will return all subscriptions from the starting count
      • setName

        void setName​(java.lang.String displayName)
        Sets the name of the contact
        displayName - String containing the name of the contact
      • getLinkedUserName

        java.lang.String getLinkedUserName()
        Gets the linked user name of the contact
        String full name of the linked user
      • getLinkedUserId

        java.lang.String getLinkedUserId()
        Gets the linked user Id of the contact
        String Id of the linked user
      • setDescription

        void setDescription​(java.lang.String description)
        set description of contact
        description -
      • getAddreses

        java.util.List<WebSubscriptionAddress> getAddreses()
        get the addresses of contact
        List of the addresses of contact
      • setLinkedUser

        void setLinkedUser​(java.lang.String linkedUser)
        set the linked User
        linkedUser - the linked User GUID
      • setStatus

        void setStatus​(boolean isEnabled)
        set the status for the contact
        isEnabled -
      • getStatus

        boolean getStatus()
        get the status of the contact
      • getIsAllInfo

        boolean getIsAllInfo()
        whether to save all info for the contact
        whether to get all info
      • setIsAllInfo

        void setIsAllInfo​(boolean isAllInfo)
        Set whether to save all info for the contact
        isAllInfo flag is added when we develop the save_contact XML API for Contact and contact group manager in Cloud OM.
        Below is the description and usage of this flag. It is added to keep backward compatibility.
        1. When it’s false, it keeps the old behavior that we remove or edit one of its addresses for this contact. We save the changed addresses.
        2. When it’s true, it indicates to save all details for this contact, including all of its addresses, contact members, etc. For this case, we need pass all addresses of this contact to backend.
        isAllInfo -