Interface WebMDXDisplayUnit

  • All Superinterfaces:
    KeyedObject, WebDisplayUnit
    All Known Subinterfaces:
    WebMDXCatalog, WebMDXCube, WebMDXSource

    public interface WebMDXDisplayUnit
    extends WebDisplayUnit
    The WebMDXDisplayUnit interface represents an MDX display unit - either an MDX source, catalog, cube, dimension, hierarchy, attribute, or metric. The type can be determined by calling getDisplayUnitType. It contains common methods for all types of MDX display unit.
    MicroStrategy Web 8.0.2
    • Method Detail

      • getSourceObject

        WebObjectInfo getSourceObject()
        Returns the source object of the display unit. This will return null for two objects: catalogs (which have no source object) and the metrics collection, whose source object is null.
        The source object, which is the first class object associated with the display unit.
      • getParent

        WebMDXDisplayUnit getParent()
        Returns the parent object of the display unit. This will be null for top-level display units, such as the MDXSource. The cube's parent will be null if the cube was obtained from the source or report instance, but if the cube was obtained from the catalog, it will be non-null.
        The parent WebMDXDisplayUnit, if one exists.
      • isPrunable

        boolean isPrunable()
        Returns whether it is allowable for the GUI to prune this object from the hierarchy. This is generally true for certain levels which only have a single child - in these cases, no information is lost by omitting them from the hierarchy.
        Whether the object is prunable.
      • isContainer

        boolean isContainer()
        Returns whether the display unit is a container - if this is true, then this object contains child objects when getChildUnits is called, otherwise, it is not possible for this object to be a container.
        Whether the current object is a container or not.
      • getPathComponent

        java.lang.String getPathComponent()
        Returns this unit's path fragment in overall path. This method will return empty string for all units except Metric Folders.
        this unit's path fragment in overall path.