Version 2021

Installing and Upgrading

For a smooth upgrade, be sure to the review the important version-specific information regarding changes in the release that could impact functionality and performance.

Installing MicroStrategy

See the Installation and Configuration Help for complete installation prerequisites and procedures for every MicroStrategy product. You can download the software from the MicroStrategy download site.

Connecting to MDX Cube Sources: For instructions on how to set up SAP BW, Microsoft Analysis Services, Hyperion Essbase, or IBM Cognos TM1 connectivity in MicroStrategy, see the MDX Cube Reporting Help.

If you encounter problems during the installation procedure, see the Troubleshooting appendix in the Installation and Configuration Help. If you require assistance, contact Technical Support.

Third-Party Components

When installing MicroStrategy products on Windows environments, a set of required, third-party components are also installed. The following components are provided within a 3rdParty folder as part of the MicroStrategy installation files, and are installed automatically for a normal installation:

Directory Component
3rdParty\Sequelink SequeLink Socket Server and ODBC driver 6.0
3rdParty\Triedit Microsoft DHTML Editing Controls for Applications 1.0
3rdParty\vcredist Microsoft Visual C++ 2015-2022 Redistributable
3rdParty\vspias Microsoft Office 2010 Primary Interop Assemblies redistributable
3rdParty\WindowsInstaller45 Microsoft Windows Installer 4.5
3rdParty\WSE Microsoft Web Services Enhancements 3.0 Runtime

If you perform a MicroStrategy installation in which these third-party components are not accessible to the installation routine, a missing requirements warning can be encountered while performing an installation. Ensure that these components are accessible for the installation and attempt the installation again.

Upgrading MicroStrategy

Who Should Upgrade?

Customers who want to use the MicroStrategy features introduced in this release and customers who need fixes made in this release for MicroStrategy products should upgrade:

  • MicroStrategy products 10.4.x and 2019 and above can be upgraded directly to MicroStrategy ONE or MicroStrategy 2021.

For a list of upgrade feature impacts and an upgrade map to track which version(s) you are moving from among different MicroStrategy products, see the Upgrade Help.

Preparing for and Performing the Upgrade

Before upgrading, see the Upgrade Help for important information about preparing for the upgrade, the order in which to upgrade products, and tasks to perform after upgrading.

When upgrading a MicroStrategy system to a newer version, it is likely that products will be upgraded across several machines. The Upgrade Help includes best practices and instructions to ensure that your system upgrade adheres to the interoperability rules that MicroStrategy has certified and listed in the Compatibility and Interoperability page.

Uninstalling MicroStrategy

For details about uninstalling MicroStrategy, see the Adding or Removing MicroStrategy Components chapter of the Installation and Configuration Help.