Version 2021

MicroStrategy Developer

System Requirements

For all certified systems, see Platform Certifications.


For the complete MicroStrategy Platform Compatibility and Interoperability specifications, see Compatibility and Interoperability.

Installing MicroStrategy Developer

For steps to install MicroStrategy Developer, see the Installation and Configuration Help.

  • Windows Installer 3.0 or later is required to install MicroStrategy products on a Windows platform.
  • If you are installing MicroStrategy Developer on Windows Vista or later versions, you must install Microsoft's DHTML Editing Control for Applications Redistributable Package. The redistributable package contains files that were removed with the release of Windows Vista, but are required for MicroStrategy Developer to work properly. For information on this redistributable package and the necessary installation steps, see the following link.
  • You can download the software from the MicroStrategy download site.
  • To install and access MicroStrategy Server Administrator, when installing MicroStrategy Developer, your license key must be licensed for MicroStrategy Intelligence Server.

Directory Structure

The following table lists folders and files of interest that are included in the default directory structure after an installation of Developer.

The default folder is:

C:\Program Files (x86)\MicroStrategy\Product Name when installed on a 64-bit Windows environment.

If installed over previous versions of the product, the folder remains the same.

Directory Contents
\MicroStrategy\Desktop MicroStrategy Developer root directory
\MicroStrategy\Desktop\Images Custom images used by the MicroStrategy Developer application
On a 64-bit Windows environment:
\Program Files (x86)\Common Files\MicroStrategy\Log
Log directory, for diagnostics output

Upgrading MicroStrategy Developer

To benefit from the latest functionality available in this version of MicroStrategy Developer, an administrator must upgrade the system:

  • MicroStrategy products 10.4.x and 2019 and above can be upgraded directly to MicroStrategy 2021.

Before upgrading, see the Upgrade Help for important information about preparing for the upgrade, the order in which to upgrade products, and tasks to perform after upgrading.

Uninstalling MicroStrategy Developer

For details about uninstalling MicroStrategy Developer, see the Adding or Removing MicroStrategy Components chapter of the Installation and Configuration Help.

Resolved Issues

For a list of all the resolved issues in this MicroStrategy release, see Resolved Defects and Enhancements.

Data Mining Services

  • Support is provided for the following models: Association Rules, Cluster (Center-based), Decision Tree, General Regression, Mining Model, Neural Network, Regression, Ruleset, Support Vector Machine and Time Series. Models compliant with PMML v2.1 through v4.0 are fully supported. PMML models version PMML 2.0 can be supported only if any DTD (Document Type Definition) references are removed from the PMML. This can be accomplished by commenting out the DOCTYPE element. Models based on other previous versions of the PMML standard may work but this has not been verified internally.
  • When executing a Training report on an Intelligence Server installed on UNIX, results may differ slightly from the same report run on an Intelligence Server installed on Windows. This is due to the differing mechanics of the operating systems and does not affect the overall accuracy of the results.