Version 2021

Resolved Defects and Enhancements

The following dossier lists the defects and enhancements addressed in MicroStrategy ONE and MicroStrategy 2021. The resolved defects and enhancements included in the list below are related to specific customer Technical Support Cases that were reported to MicroStrategy Technical Support. When a Technical Support case (TS Case) is logged as either a defect or an enhancement, an internal ID is also provided.

Please note that some items may be environment related and specific to each user. However, each of these items should also be applicable to users who may have similar environments and have not reported the defect or enhancement to MicroStrategy Technical Support.

If a resolved defect or enhancement does not function as addressed in the environment-related to its Technical Support case or in an appropriately similar environment, please contact MicroStrategy Technical Support with this page and the relevant Technical Support Case number.

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