MicroStrategy ONE

Configure the Fitbit Connector

  1. Visit https://dev.fitbit.com/login to create a new account or login with existing account.
  2. Under the Manage menu, click Register An App.

  3. Fill out the registration form. Enter your Community Connectors app URI with redirect at the end for a callback URL.

    For example, https://\[HOST_NAME\]:\[PORT_NUMBER\] /CommunityConnectors/redirect.

    The HOST_NAME is the name of the machine you have the Community Connectors application installed on. The PORT_NUMBER is the port number of your Web server.

  4. Once you register the app, record the Client ID and Client Secret.
  5. Return to the Setup page on MicroStrategy Web.
  6. Open the Fitbit setup and enter the Client ID and Client Secret.

    For OAuth Redirect Header, you must base64 encode your Client ID and Client Secret string separate by a colon.

    For example, Client_ID:Client_Secret. Place the base64 encoded string after the word Basic. Make sure there is a space between the word Basic and your base64 encoded string.

  7. Enter the same redirect URI you used to register the app.
  8. Click Save. Your connector is ready to be deployed. See Deploy Connectors to MicroStrategy Web.