MicroStrategy ONE

How to Configure the Alchemer Connector

SurveyGizmo has been renamed to Alchemer.

  1. Log in to your Alchemer account.
  2. Fill out the OAuth Application Registration form:

  3. Click Generate.
  4. Record the Consumer Key and Consumer Secret.
  5. Open the Connect to Your Data dialog in MicroStrategy Web.

  6. Hover over Alchemer and click Edit Connector.
  7. Enter the Client ID (Consumer Key) and Client Secret (Consumer Secret).
  8. Enter https://[Community Connector Server][Tomcat Port]/CommunityConnectors/SG/requestAccessToken/ as the Callback URL.

    Replace [Community Connector Server] with your server and [Tomcat Port] with your port number.

    This must be an HTTPS URL.

  9. Click Save.