MicroStrategy ONE

Monitoring Users' Connections to Projects

When a user connects to a project, a user connection is established. You may want to see a list of all users connected to projects within a project source. The User Connection Monitor displays a list of all connections and allows you to disconnect a user.

To View the Active User Connections

  1. In Developer, log in to a project source. You must log in as a user with the Monitor User Connections privilege.
  2. Go to Administration > System Monitors > User Connections. The user connection information displays on the right-hand side. For each user, there is one connection for each project the user is logged in to, plus one connection for <Server> indicating that the user is logged in to the project source.

    • Scheduler: Connections made by Intelligence Server to process scheduled reports or documents appear as <Scheduler> in the Network Address column. Scheduler sessions cannot be manually disconnected as described above. However, these sessions will be removed automatically by Intelligence Server when the user session idle time out value is reached.
    • Temp client: At times, you may see "Temp client" in the Network Address column. This may happen when Intelligence Server is under a heavy load and a user accesses the Projects or Home page in MicroStrategy Web (the pages that display the list of available projects). Intelligence Server creates a temporary session that submits a job request for the available projects and then sends the list to the MicroStrategy Web client for display. This temporary session, which remains open until the request is fulfilled, is displayed as "Temp client."
  3. To view a connection's details, double-click it.

To Disconnect a User

  1. In the User Connection Monitor, select the connection.
  2. Press Delete.

If you disconnect users from the project source (the <Configuration> entry in the User Connection Monitor), they are also disconnected from any projects they were connected to.