System Admin 2019

Enabling Change Journaling

When change journaling is enabled for a project or project source, Intelligence Server logs information in the change journal about any change made to any object in the project or project source. This includes changes made in Developer or MicroStrategy Web as well as through other MicroStrategy tools such as Command Manager or Project Merge.

You can enable change journaling for any number of projects in a project source. For each project, when change journaling is enabled, all changes to all objects in that project are logged.

You can also enable change journaling at the project source level. In this case information about all changes to the project configuration objects, such as users or schedules, is logged in the change journal.

By default, change journaling is enabled in all newly created projects and project sources.

To Enable or Disable Change Journaling for a Project Source

  1. In Developer, log in to a project source. You must log in as a user with the Configure Change Journaling privilege.
  2. Expand Administration, and then expand System Monitors.
  3. Right-click Change Journal Transactions and select Manage Change Journal.

  4. To enable or disable change journaling for this project source, select or clear the Enable change journaling check box.
  5. In the Comments field, enter any comments that you may have about the reason for enabling or disabling change journaling.
  6. To enable or disable change journaling for all projects in the project source, select the Apply to all projects check box. To determine which projects have change journaling on a project-by-project basis, leave this check box cleared.
  7. Click OK.

To Enable or Disable Change Journaling for a Project

  1. From Developer, right-click the project and select Project Configuration.
  2. Expand Project definition, and then select Change Journaling.
  3. To enable or disable change journaling for this project, select or clear the Enable Change Journaling check box.
  4. Click OK.

Change Journal Comments

When change journaling is enabled, users are prompted for comments every time they change an object. These comments can provide documentation as to the nature of the changes made to objects.

You can disable the requests for object comments from the Developer Preferences dialog box.

To Disable the Requests for Change Journaling Comments

  1. From Developer, go to Tools > MicroStrategy Developer Preferences.
  2. Expand Optional Actions, and then select General.
  3. Clear the Display change journal comments input dialog check box.
  4. Click OK.