MicroStrategy ONE

MicroStrategy Library

System Requirements

See Platform Certifications for all certified systems.

Compatibility and Interoperability

See Compatibility and Interoperability for best practices on compatibility and interoperability.

Collaboration Server

  • Node.js 12.x (Installed with MicroStrategy)
  • PostgreSQL 11.x (Installed with MicroStrategy)

Installing MicroStrategy Library for Windows

  • For steps to install MicroStrategy Library components on a machine that will host your applications, see the Installing and Configuring MicroStrategy Library chapter in the Installation and Configuration Help.

Directory Structure

On Windows operating systems, the default folder is:

  • C:\Program Files(x86)\Common Files\MicroStrategy\Tomcat\..\webapps\MicroStrategyLibrary when installed on a 64-bit Windows environment.

JSP interface: The following table lists folders and files of interest that are included in the default directory structure after deploying your MicroStrategy Library WAR file:

Directory Contents
\api-docs REST API documents
\auth Authentication files
\DashboardReact Front end bundles
\images All image files
\include Supporting application files
\javascript Interface JavaScript files
\jsp Interface JSP code files
\plugins Plug-in files for customizations
\style Interface style files
\VisFramework Supporting files for visualizations
\WEB-INF Configuration information for MicroStrategy Web

Help and Support

The MicroStrategy Library Help provides information on how to use MicroStrategy Library to view, analyze, and consume MicroStrategy dashboards and documents.