Version 2021

Transactions in Grids

Starting in MicroStrategy 2021 Update 6, you can create transaction grids for dossiers. This allows you to add, edit, or remove data from relational databases using the provided column mapper or your own defined SQL statements.

To configure transaction grids in dossiers, you must at least have the Web configure Transaction privilege.

To interact with or use transaction grids in dossiers, you must at least have the Execute Transaction privilege.

Check out the video below to learn more!

Configure a Transaction Grid

  1. Open a dossier.

  2. In the top toolbar, click Insert Visualization .

  3. Choose Grid > Grid (Modern).

  4. Click More in the upper right corner of the visualization and choose Configure Transaction.

  5. Choose to update, insert, or delete data and click Add a Table.

  6. Select a data source.

    The user selected to configure the data source must have permissions to update, insert, and delete data.

  7. In the Datasets panel, double-click attributes and metrics to add them to the visualization.

  8. Click the Settings in the upper right corner to personalize the submission settings.

  9. Click Input Configuration to set rules and select the control type for your columns.

    • Column selection and requiredness

    • Data type selection

    • Control type selection and configuration

  10. Click Done to complete your transaction and Save your dossier.