Version 2021

Network Proxy Support for Connectors

A network proxy can be configured for the following MicroStrategy Community Connectors.

  • Sharepoint
  • Jira
  • Adobe Analytics
  • MicroStrategy

Configure a Proxy for a Community Connector

  1. Open the file in <YourCommunityConnectorsAppPath>\WEB-INF\classes. By default, proxy.enabled = false.
  2. Edit to enable proxy. For example:

    # Specify pac url using HTTP protocol [http(s)://] or File protocol [file:///]
    proxy.pacUrl= http://Your-PAC-File-Path/YourPACFile.pac

    If the proxy.pacUrl path contain special characters, such as " or \, please use escape characters for them. For example, if your PAC file path on a Windows machine is C:\Program Files (x86)\YourPACFile.pac, the path must be C:\\Program Files (x86)\\YourPACFile.pac in

    Authenticated proxy servers are not supported. You can only use a PAC file to configure your proxy server. For example, the following is a PAC file for SharePoint.

    function FindProxyForURL(url, host) {
    	if (localHostOrDomainIs(host, "localhost")) 
    	    return "DIRECT";
    	// check if trying to reach sharepoint
    	if (shExpMatch(host, " *") || shExpMatch(host, "*") || shExpMatch(host, ""))
    		return "PROXY ProxyServerIP: ProxyServerPort ";

    If your connector's callback URL looks like http://localhost/... or https://localhost:port/..., please ensure that the callback can be directed without a proxy server.

    The following are the external endpoints used by each connector.



    Adobe Analytics

    Authorize -

    Token and API

    Jira Cloud


    Authorize, Token, and API -

    Note: The environment variable reflects the user's unique environment identity


    Endpoints are dynamically input by users

    SharePoint Files

    Authorize and Token -

    API -

  3. Restart the application.

Configure a Proxy for a Client

If you are using MicroStrategy Workstation or a web browser and your client cannot connect to the endpoints, please set your browser proxy with the Use a proxy server for your LAN and Bypass proxy server for local addresses options enabled.

You can also use a PAC file to configure a proxy for a client.