Interface IDSSXMLCluster

  • public interface IDSSXMLCluster
    A cluster is defined as a group of IDSSXMLClusterNode objects. This interface contains methods to iterate through a cluster of servers. The servers in a cluster should be identical with respect to their configurations. In addition, any CreateSession request to a server in a cluster may be redirected to any other server in the cluster if its load is smaller.
    MicroStrategy Web 7.3.1 or earlier
    • Method Detail

      • get_Enum

        java.util.Enumeration get_Enum()
        Deprecated: use getClusterNodes method instead. Returns an enumeration of IDSSXMLClusterNode interfaces that are in the cluster.
        An Enumeration containing all of the IDSSXMLClusterNodes in the cluster.
      • getCount

        int getCount()
        Deprecated: use getClusterNodes method instead. Returns the number of IDSSXMLClusterNodes in this cluster.
        Number of nodes in the cluster.
      • getItem

        IDSSXMLClusterNode getItem​(int index)
                            throws MSTRWebAPIException
        Deprecated: use getClusterNodes method instead. Returns the node at the specified index.
        index - The index of the node, where the first element has index=1.
        An IDSSXMLClusterNode if the specified index exists in the cluster, or null if the index is larger than the size of the array.
        MSTRWebAPIException - Thrown when error occurs during retrieving the node information.
      • getClusterNodes

        java.util.List<IDSSXMLClusterNode> getClusterNodes()
        getClusterNodes returns a list of all the cluster nodes registered in the system. A copy is returned to ensure that the List does not get modified while the caller is using it
        a List of IDSSClusterNode. Guaranteed to not be null. The List may be empty