Class DSSXMLClassFactory

  • public class DSSXMLClassFactory
    extends java.lang.Object
    Factory class to get the ServerSession, Administration and FileLoader Interfaces. This is the only entry point into the Java Web API.
    MicroStrategy Web 7.3.1 or earlier
    • Constructor Detail

      • DSSXMLClassFactory

        public DSSXMLClassFactory()
    • Method Detail

      • getAdminInstance

        public static IDSSXMLAdmin getAdminInstance()
        Returns an instance of the Admin object, which is used for connecting to and disconnecting from Intelligence Servers, Setting the connection pool size, setting timeouts, and other related operations.
        IDSSXMLAdmin interface to an admin object.
      • getFileLoaderInstance

        public static IDSSXMLFileLoader getFileLoaderInstance()
        Returns an instance of the FileLoader object, which is used for graphs.
        IDSSXMLFileLoader instance
      • getServerSessionInstance

        public static IDSSXMLServerSession getServerSessionInstance()
        Returns an IDSSXMLServerSession interface. Should always be the entry point for external programs into the Web API.
        An IDSSXMLServerSession interface instance.
      • getEncryptorInstance

        public static IDSSXMLEncryptor getEncryptorInstance()
        Returns an instance of an object with the IDSSXMLEncryptor interface, which allows interaction with MicroStrategy 7's encryption functionality.
        An IDSSXMLServerSession interface instance.