Class ACMDecisionLog

  • public class ACMDecisionLog
    extends LoggerConfigurator
    ACMDecisionLog is used to log the detailed decisions that are made when deciding which IServer should be used for a particular user's needs. There are two types of decisions being made (1) Single Project Decision which finds one IServer to handle a project, (2) Cross Project Decision which finds a set of IServers that can handle cross-project operations such as getUserLibrary.
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      static interface  ACMDecisionLog.ICrossProjectCacheDecisionLog  
      static interface  ACMDecisionLog.ICrossProjectDecisionLog
      UserA1 TEC-003699 tec-w-003730 TEC-006155 BC3E941C4D66199497E08E9249DFD8F8,374D53F64E8318A947C277BFE341C106 tec-w-003730 tec-w-003730 tec-w-003730 TEC-003699,tec-w-003730,TEC-006155 TEC-003699,tec-w-003730,TEC-006155 TEC-006155,TEC-003699,tec-w-003730 374D53F64E8318A947C277BFE341C106 TEC-006155,TEC-003699 TEC-003699 NoProjects 374D53F64E8318A947C277BFE341C106 TEC-006155 TEC-006155 374D53F64E8318A947C277BFE341C106 374D53F64E8318A947C277BFE341C106 BC3E941C4D66199497E08E9249DFD8F8
      static interface  ACMDecisionLog.IFenceCacheDecisionLog  
      static interface  ACMDecisionLog.ILoginDecisionLog  
      static interface  ACMDecisionLog.IProjectDecisionLog
      UserA1 TEC-W-003730 TEC-003699 TEC-006155 374D53F64E8318A947C277BFE341C106 true false TEC-W-003730 false TEC-W-003730 TEC-W-003730
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        public static final Logger logger
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      • ACMDecisionLog

        public ACMDecisionLog()