Class ACMAffinityErrorHandler

  • public class ACMAffinityErrorHandler
    extends java.lang.Object
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      • ACMAffinityErrorHandler

        public ACMAffinityErrorHandler()
    • Method Detail

      • getAffinityProjectSession

        public static IDSSXMLSessionId.IProjectSessionId getAffinityProjectSession​(java.lang.String sessionID,
                                                                                   IDSSXMLSessionId.IConfigSessionId iConfigSidToAffinityServerName,
                                                                                   com.microstrategy.webapi.CDSSXMLClusterNode iAffinityToServerNode,
                                                                                   java.lang.String iPid)
                                                                            throws MSTRWebAPIException
        This function is to handle user affinity error code returning from Intelligence Server when signing into a project. The error message for user affinity error code looks like (Please login to the following server to reduce synchronization needs: servername" It then constructs a project session using the configuration session obtained above and put the project session in the map
        sessionID - - the master session id to create the project session
        iConfigSidToAffinityServerName - - the configuration session on the node obtained from the user affinity error message
        iAffinityToServerNode - - the node obtained from the user affinity error message
        iPid - - the project GUID to create the project session for
        IDSSXMLSessionId.IProjectSessionId - the project session for the node and the project GUID