Interface WebSort

    • Method Detail

      • getKey

        int getKey()
        Returns the key of current sort object, which is used to look up the sort in the sorts collection. This has nothing to do with the sort-key.
        A key can be used to look up a sort in the sorts collection.
      • getPosition

        int getPosition()
        Returns the position of current sort object in the sorts collection.
        The position (1-based) of current sort object in the sorts collection.
      • getSortType

        int getSortType()
        Returns the sort type of this sort object. The sort type only can be specified on creation time.
        The sort type, values from EnumDSSXMLSortType.
      • isAscending

        boolean isAscending()
        Returns the sort order, which is ascending or not.
        True if the result will be sorted in ascending order; else false. Default value is true.
      • setAscending

        void setAscending​(boolean ascending)
        Sets the sort order to ascending or not.
        ascending - True to sort in ascending order, false to descending order.
      • setSubtotalsPosition

        void setSubtotalsPosition​(int subtotalsPosition)
        Sets the position of subtotals in sorted result. The possible value are in EnumDSSXMLSubtotalsPosition. Default is EnumDSSXMLSubtotalsPosition.DssSubtotalsPositionInherit.
        subtotalsPosition - The position of subtotals in sorted result, values from EnumDSSXMLSubtotalsPosition.
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      • getTarget

        WebObjectInfo getTarget()
        Returns the target of this sort
      • setRespectParent

        void setRespectParent​(boolean value)
        Sets the Respect Parent flag
        value - value
      • getRespectParent

        boolean getRespectParent()
        Returns the Respect Parent flag