Interface WebObjectSecurity

  • public interface WebObjectSecurity
    The WebObjectSecurity interface contains the operations that can be done to a WebObjectInfo object relating to security, in particular, viewing and modifying the Access Control List(ACL) and taking ownership of an object.
    MicroStrategy Web 7.5.2
    • Method Detail

      • takeOwnership

        void takeOwnership()
                    throws WebObjectsException
        This method will cause ownership of this object to be taken by the current user. This method will take effect immediately.
        WebObjectsException - Thrown if an error occurs.
      • populateACL

        void populateACL​(WebAccessControlList acl,
                         boolean overwrite)
        Populates the Access Control List on this object from the given Access Control List. This can be used to propagate the ACL from another object to this object. As with all ACL changes, the WebObjectInfo object linked with this object must be saved via the save method on the WebObjectSource object.
        acl - The ACL to copy into this object.
        overwrite - Whether the values in the other ACL should overwrite this ACL or not.