Interface WebLinkItem

    • Method Detail

      • getKeyByType

        WebObjectInfo getKeyByType​(int type)
                            throws java.lang.IllegalArgumentException
        type - one of the types for the link that this LinkItem is associated with
        WebObjectInfo object for the type specified
        java.lang.IllegalArgumentException - if the type specified is invalid
      • getPropertySets

        WebPropertyGroup getPropertySets()
        Return The WebPropertyGroup associated with this link For new link item, this is a writable copy of WebPropertyGroup in WebLink. For exsiting link item, its as specified by the metadata, but still writable
        The WebPropertyGroup associated with this link
      • clear

        void clear()
        Reset all the property values to their default values, as specified by the parent link
      • refresh

        void refresh()
              throws WebObjectsException
        Refresh the values of the properties from the metadata
        WebObjectsException - if there is an error while reading from the metadata