Class AbstractInboxContextMenuItemBuilder

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    InboxDelete, InboxDetails, InboxExport, InboxPDF, InboxRename, InboxUnread

    public abstract class AbstractInboxContextMenuItemBuilder
    extends ContextMenu.DefaultContextMenuItemBuilder

    This class is used by Microstrategy Web as a base class for those used to populate context-menus used in the History List page.

    New context-menus-builders can be created simply by extending this class and implementing three methods:

    1. getContextMenuFlag(): Used to maintain backwards compatibility, these builders check for the contextMenuFlags FormalParameter to make sure they can enabled. New builders should return in this method the flag associated with the context-menu-item, for example, a "copy" context-menu would return InboxListXHTMLTransform.LEVEL_EXPORT_EXCEL.
    2. isActionEnabled(): Besides checking the context-menu flag, this method enables the builder to check for other conditions to enable the action. For example, to check whether the user has enough privileges/access control. Subclasses can ultimately delegate this logic to the transform.
    3. getEvent(): This method returns the WebEvent to execute when this menu item is selected. Also in this case, subclasses can ultimately delegate this logic to the transform.

    MicroStrategy Web 9.0.0