Interface EnumFilterEditorEvents

    • Field Detail

      • WebEventFilterEditorProcess

        static final int WebEventFilterEditorProcess
        Event for the filter editor form.
        It's used in both execute mode (view filter editor) and design mode (report filter editor).
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      • WebEventArgumentFilterEditorFormName

        static final int WebEventArgumentFilterEditorFormName
        event argument: the HTML form name for the Filter Editor.
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      • WebEventArgumentFilterEditorPrefix

        static final int WebEventArgumentFilterEditorPrefix
        event argument: prefix name for all the images for submitting the form.
        The image names are composed as this prefix followed by the action id and other expression identification info.
        For example, the image beside each subexpresson editor is named as:
        argPrefix + L_ACTION_APPLY_EDIT_EXPRESSION + "_" + lKey
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      • WebEventArgumentFilterEditorOperatorDropDown

        static final int WebEventArgumentFilterEditorOperatorDropDown
        event argument: operator dropdown box name in HTML mode.
        It's used to change operator between subexpressions among AND, OR, AND NOT, OR NOT.
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