Version 2021

Privileges for Predefined Security Roles

The MicroStrategy product suite contains a number of predefined security roles for administrators. These roles makes it easy to delegate administrative tasks.

The predefined project administration roles apply project-level administrative privileges. The default privileges that are automatically granted for these out-of-the-box security roles are listed below.

Power Users have the following privileges:

Power Users
Schedule Request (in Common Privileges)
Assign security roles
Bypass all object security access checks
Create and edit security filters
Edit project status
Web administration

Project Bulk Administrators have the following Object Manager privileges:

Project Bulk Administrators
Use Object Manager
Use Repository Translation Wizard

Project Operations Administrators have the following privileges:

Project Operations Administrators
Schedule Request (in Common Privileges)
Administer Caches
Administer Cubes
Administer Jobs
Administer Subscriptions
Administer User Connections
Idle And Resume Project
Load And Unload Project

Project Operations Monitors have the following privileges:

Project Operations Monitors
Administer Caches
Administer Jobs
Administer User Connections
Audit Change Journal
Idle And Resume Project
Load and Unload project
Monitor Caches
Monitor Cubes
Monitor History Lists
Monitor Jobs
Monitor Projects
Monitor Subscriptions
Monitor User Connections
Monitor Quick Search Indices

Project Resource Settings Administrators have the following privileges:

Project Resource Settings Administrators
Configure Caches
Configure Governing
Configure Language Settings
Configure Project Basic
Configure Project Data Source
Configure Statistics
Configure Subscription Settings
Edit Project Status
Web Administration

Project Security Administrators have the following privileges:

Project Security Administrators
Create Application Objects (Server - Intelligence)
Assign Security Filters
Assign Security Roles
Configure Change Journing
Configure Connection Map
Configure Security Settings
Create And Edit Security Filters