Interface WebTemplateDimension

  • public interface WebTemplateDimension
    The WebTemplateDimension interface represents a dimension contained on a template. This object can be obtained from the WebTemplateUnit object which it is contained within.
    MicroStrategy Web 7.3.1 or earlier
    • Method Detail

      • getAxisIndex

        int getAxisIndex()
        Returns the index of the WebAxis which this template dimension is on.
        The owner axis' index, from EnumDSSXMLAxisName.
      • getPosition

        int getPosition()
        Returns the position of the template dimension on its axis. This value is 1-based.
        The position of the template dimension.
      • getDimensionInfo

        WebObjectInfo getDimensionInfo()
        Returns the WebObjectInfo object corresponding to the WebTemplateDimension object which it is called on.
        The WebObjectInfo object which this template dimension refers to.