Interface WebOperatorNode

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    WebNode, WebPromptableNode, WebPromptSite

    public interface WebOperatorNode
    extends WebPromptableNode
    The WebOperatorNode interface represents an operator node within an expression. This interface contains methods specific to an operator node. For methods which apply to all nodes, see the WebNode interface, which this one extends.
    MicroStrategy Web 7.3.1 or earlier
    • Method Detail

      • getFunctionType

        int getFunctionType()
        Returns the function type of the node.
        The function type of the operator node, from EnumWebFunctionType.
      • setFunction

        void setFunction​(int function)
                  throws java.lang.IllegalArgumentException
        Sets the function being used in the operator node.
        function - The function to use, from EnumDSSXMLFunction( or EnumWebMRPFunction in the case of rank or percent nodes).
        java.lang.IllegalArgumentException - Thrown if the function passed is invalid.
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      • getPropertyString

        java.lang.String getPropertyString()
        Returns an XML string representing the properties of this operator node. This string is empty for operator whose function is NOT (@link EnumDSSXMLFunction#DssXmlFunctionRank}. When its function is (@link EnumDSSXMLFunction#DssXmlFunctionRank}, these properties will be used to carry more information about this operator. Basically there are two properties, one of index 4, one of index 5. The index 5 property will determine whether this operator is really a Rank operator or a Percentage operator. If this string contains "", then it is a Percentage operator. The index 4 property can determine the actual function, for example whether it is TOP function or a BOTTOM function.
        The XML string of properties.
        MicroStrategy Web 9.0.0
      • getNodeProperty

        int getNodeProperty()
        DE86283: The security filter expression for cube with MDX-RA(recursive attribute) need "nodeProperty" value in WebOperatorNode. and the "nodeProperty" for MDX-RA will be 1 or 2 which is not default value, and if "nodeProperty" with default value will be not returned in long xml from IServer Return nodeProperty which is named "node" in expression long XML which used for interacting with IServer, for example: ... ...
        node property
      • setApplyOrder

        void setApplyOrder​(int order)
        set the apply_order attribute on the operator node
        order -