Interface WebDisplayHelper

  • public interface WebDisplayHelper
    The WebDisplayHelper interface is used to generate display XML containing both the contents of an object (such as the current state of a filter or a prompt) and a list of available objects which the user can choose from to add to the object. This interface is obtained from objects which can be the selected section of a display XML, for example, WebFilter object and WebPrompt object.
    MicroStrategy Web 7.3.1 or earlier
    • Method Detail

      • getAvailableDisplayUnits

        WebDisplayUnits getAvailableDisplayUnits()
        This method returns the available display units collection, which is used to modify the list of available objects which will be placed in the display XML.
        The WebDisplayUnits collection associated with this display helper.
      • applyDefaultDisplaySettings

        void applyDefaultDisplaySettings()
                                  throws WebObjectsException
        Modifies the content of Available Display Units collection based on the current values of WebDefaultDisplaySettings. This can be useful if a user wants to build a GUI directly from the WebDisplayUnits collection.
        WebObjectsException - Thrown if ???.