Interface EnumSubtotalInstanceType

  • public interface EnumSubtotalInstanceType
    This enumeration specifies the different types of subtotal instances that can be defined. A subtotal instance determines how the subtotal has been defined or turned on for the template
    MicroStrategy Web 9.0.0
    • Field Detail

      • SubtotalInstanceTypeAxis

        static final int SubtotalInstanceTypeAxis
        Subtotal is defined on the axis of the template. This is also called 'By Position' subtotal
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      • SubtotalInstanceTypeUnit

        static final int SubtotalInstanceTypeUnit
        Subtotal is defined on certain template units. In other words, the subtotal is defines 'across' a set of template units
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      • SubtotalInstanceTypeGroupBy

        static final int SubtotalInstanceTypeGroupBy
        Subtotal is defined as grouped by a certain set of template units.
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