Interface ObjectPromptBean

    • Method Detail

      • clearAnswer

        void clearAnswer()
        Clear the prompt answer.
      • addObject

        void addObject​(WebObjectInfo objInfo)
        Add an object to the answer collection
        objInfo - - WebObjectInfo to add.
      • removeObject

        void removeObject​(int key)
        Remove an object from the answer based on the key
        key - - key of the object to be removed.
      • getHierarchicalFolder

        WebFolder getHierarchicalFolder()
        Returns the current folder for prompts that support hierarchical folder browsing.
        the current hierarchical folder if hierarchical browsing is supported, else returns null.
      • setHierarchicalFolder

        void setHierarchicalFolder​(java.lang.String folderId)
        Change the hierarchical subfolder associated with the prompt. Used when the style uses hierarchical folder browsing.
        folderId - - the id of the folder to be set as the current folder.
      • getSearchObject

        WebSearch getSearchObject()
        Returns the search object associated with the prompt.
        WebSearch associated with the prompt.
      • isHierarchicalBrowsingSupported

        boolean isHierarchicalBrowsingSupported()
        Returns true if the prompt style supports hierarchical browsing
        true if hierarchical browsing is supported.
      • getAvailableItemsAsFolder

        FolderBean getAvailableItemsAsFolder()