Interface FolderBean

  • All Superinterfaces:
    EnumWebPersistableState, ObjectBean, Persistable, RequestPersistable, Transformable, WebBean, WebComponent

    public interface FolderBean
    extends ObjectBean
    This interface along with its super interface ObjectBean supports the concept of object browsing. It specializes the ObjectBean in the following ways:
    • Specify a system-defined folder. This includes the standard folders such as the Reports Folder or My Reports.
    • Retrieve the WebFolder interface. To walk through the list of child nodes in a folder, the transform code may operate directly on the org.w3c.dom.Document or use the WebFolder interface.
    • Specify a restriction on the type of objects returned in the folder. The getTypeRestrictions() method returns a SimpleList collection interface that allows the caller to specify a set of object types.

    This interface also allows users to carry out search on objects. The default setting on the WebSearch object is in synchronized mode. The search result could be acquired through the method call getFolderObject.

    MicroStrategy Web 7.3.1 or earlier
    • Method Detail

      • getSysFolder

        int getSysFolder()
                  throws WebBeanException
        Returns the system folder name as defined in EnumDSSXMLFolderNames. If this folder is not a predefined system folder, returns 0.
        the system folder name of this folder.
        WebBeanException - thrown if the system folder name can not be retrieved.
      • setSysFolder

        void setSysFolder​(int sysFolder)
        Sets a new system folder name on this folder. System folder names are defined in EnumDSSXMLFolderNames and can uniquely identify a WebFolder object in a project.
        sysFolder - a new system folder name.
      • getTypeRestrictions

        SimpleList getTypeRestrictions()
        Returns a collection of object types (EnumDSSXMLObjectTypes). The elements in the collection is non-repeating. This collection restricts the folder bean content to contain only those objects whose types are contained in the collection.

        With respect to Shortcut objects, a shortcut is included in the output if the shortcut's target object meets the type restrictions specified here.

        A SimpleList, containing a restricted collection of object types.
      • setDereferenceShortcuts

        void setDereferenceShortcuts​(boolean dereferenceShortcuts)
        This method sets the flag for whether to dereference shortcuts. Set the dereferenceShortcuts argument to be true, and shortcuts in the folder will be dereferenced. Or else, shortcuts in the folder will not be dereferenced.
        MicroStrategy Web 9.0.0
        See Also:
      • getDereferenceShortcuts

        boolean getDereferenceShortcuts()
        This method returns false if Shortcut objects are not to be dereferenced. Or else, it returns true if shortcuts are dereferenced (i.e. converted to their targets). If not set, the default value is false.
        a boolean value.
        MicroStrategy Web 9.0.0
        See Also:
      • getSearchObject

        WebSearch getSearchObject()
      • isSearchDefined

        boolean isSearchDefined()
        Returns true if the search object was previously created using getSearchObject() call This method is useful when the intention is to just check for the existense of a search object without actually forcing the creation of one.
        whether the search is defined.
        MicroStrategy Web 8.0.0
      • cancelRequest

        boolean cancelRequest()
        Cancels the current search request. This call purges the search object if possible.
        true if successfully cancelled.
      • setFilter

        void setFilter​(WebObjectFilter value)
        MicroStrategy Web 9.0.0
      • setIgnoreAccessDenialError

        void setIgnoreAccessDenialError​(boolean ignoreAccessDenialError)
      • setBlockBeginReset

        void setBlockBeginReset​(boolean isReset)
        Set whether current folder bean's blockBegin is reset.
      • isBlockBeginReset

        boolean isBlockBeginReset()
        Get whether current folder bean's blockBegin is reset.