Class GeoPolygon

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    public class GeoPolygon
    extends MultiGeoData<GeoPath>
    A GeoPolygon object represent a polygon object that can contains holes. A GeoPolygon object contains multiple rings (represented as GeoPath objects). The first ring is always represent the outer ring. All the other rings followed represent the holes of the polygon.
    • Constructor Detail

      • GeoPolygon

        public GeoPolygon()
    • Method Detail

      • addRing

        public void addRing​(java.util.List<GeoPoint> points)
      • addRing

        public void addRing​(GeoPath path)
      • getRings

        public java.util.List<GeoPath> getRings()
      • getGeoType

        public int getGeoType()
        Description copied from interface: GeoData
        Returns the map object type. The value of the object type is from EnumMapFeatures map object types.
        a EnumMapFeatures map object type.