Class AbstractAppComponent

  • All Implemented Interfaces:
    EnumWebPersistableState, Persistable, AppComponent, Transformable, WebComponent
    Direct Known Subclasses:
    AbstractPersistableAppComponent, CreditsBean

    public abstract class AbstractAppComponent
    extends AbstractWebComponent
    implements AppComponent

    Title: AbstractAppComponent.

    Description: This class provides a skeleton for all WebComponent objects implemented in the package.

    These objects represent the different beans available to the application that interact with the web componenets provided by the com.microstrategy.web.beans package. The application web components generaly represent editors, toolbars and containers that aid the user in the presentation and manipulation of web components such as the ReportBean, FolderBean, DocumentBean, etc. The class' intention is to facilitate the implementation of the application's web components and support the common functionality these objects must provide.

    Among the methods provided by this class we can find:

    • collectData(), responsible for calling the doCollectData() method that should be implemented on each application web component, and cascading down a this invocation to all children on the component's hierarchy.
    • setBaseBean(String beanName)/getBaseBean(), where you can indicate the bean, usually a ReportBean or DocumentBean, the application web component is associated with.
    • setTargetBean(WebComponent bean)/getTargetBean(), similar to the baseBean property described, but accepts and return the actual instance of the associated web component, not just its name.
    • generateOutput(), when called, this call will trigger the rendering of the web component, using its default transform. A transform can become the bean's default transform by using the setDefault() method present in the TransformInstance interface or by being the first transform set to the web component, either through code or through the pageConfig.xml file.
    MicroStrategy Web 7.3.1 or earlier
Specified by:
getXMLStatus in interface WebComponent
an EnumRequestStatus enumeration value for the component.