Version 2021

MicroStrategy Web

MicroStrategy Web provides users with a highly interactive environment and a low-maintenance interface for reporting and analysis. Using the Web interface, users can access, analyze, and share data through any web browser on many operating systems. MicroStrategy Web provides ad-hoc querying, industry-leading analysis, quick deployment, and rapid customization potential, making it easy for users to make informed business decisions.

MicroStrategy Web Universal is a version of MicroStrategy Web that provides the added benefits of also working with:

Application servers such as Oracle WebLogic™, IBM WebSphere®, and Apache Tomcat
All web servers and browsers supported by MicroStrategy Web

MicroStrategy Intelligence Server must be running for users to retrieve information from your data warehouse using MicroStrategy Web components. For more information about deploying MicroStrategy Web, see the Installation and Configuration Help.

Additional MicroStrategy definitions, including many project-related terms, are discussed in Project connectivity components.