MicroStrategy ONE

Managing Multiple Configurations for MicroStrategy Mobile

To see all configurations that have been saved on this Mobile Server, select the Mobile Configuration category in the Mobile Server Administrator page.

To rename a configuration, click the name of the configuration. Enter the new name for the configuration and press ENTER.

From the Actions column, you can manage your configurations:

  • To modify an existing configuration, click Modify. The configuration opens, and you can make any changes. For instructions, see the appropriate link below:
  • To copy a configuration, click Duplicate. A copy of that configuration is created with the name "Copy of <configuration>" and added to the end of the list. You can then modify this copy by clicking Modify.
  • To generate a URL for a configuration, click Generate URL. A Generate URL dialog box opens.
  • To delete a configuration, click Delete.
  • To create a new configuration, click Define New Configuration.