MicroStrategy ONE

Authentication Settings for the Mobile Server Application

The following instructions apply only to authenticating the Mobile Server application on the machine that it runs on. For instructions on setting up user authentication for your MicroStrategy environment, such as LDAP or single sign-on authentication, see the System Administration Help.

If you are using the ASP.NET version of Mobile Server, make sure that you configure the IIS authentication settings for the Mobile Server application. Otherwise certain reports and documents may display incorrectly or fail to execute.

You must make sure that IIS uses anonymous authentication to access all directories at the Mobile Server application level. In addition, you must enable integrated Windows authentication for all directories except the following image directories:

  • MicroStrategyMobile/asp/images
  • MicroStrategyMobile/images

Integrated Windows authentication must be disabled for these directories.

For instructions on how to configure the authentication settings in your version of IIS, see the IIS documentation.