MicroStrategy ONE

Applying Configurations to Mobile Devices

Once you have created a configuration for a mobile device, you need to apply that configuration to the device. You can:

Configuring Mobile Devices Using a Generated URL

You can quickly and easily apply a configuration to a mobile device using a URL, as follows:

  • Email the URL to your mobile device users. When these users tap the URL in the email client on their mobile device, the configuration is automatically applied to the device. This option is available for iOS users.

Steps to generate a mobile configuration URL are provided below.

User logins and passwords included with a configuration should be used only for demonstration purposes, as the configuration is not transmitted or stored securely.

To Generate a URL for a Configuration

  1. In the MicroStrategy Mobile Server page, from the pane on the left, select Mobile Configuration.
  2. For the configuration you want to generate a link for, click Generate URL. A Generate Configuration URL dialog box opens.
  3. In the Server Name field, type the fully qualified host name of the machine hosting the Mobile Server that the configuration is stored on.

    If you are using trusted authentication, in this field, type the name of the trusted authentication provider machine.

  4. By default, the port number used by Mobile Server is included in the URL. If you do not want to include the port number in the URL, clear the Include port check box.
  5. If you are including the port number in the URL, select the Include port check box, and in the text box next to it, type the port number used by Mobile Server. The default is 80.
  6. By default, the request type is set to HTTP. If you are using a secure connection, select HTTPS from the Request Type drop-down list.
  7. From the Authentication Mode drop-down list, select an authentication mode. When the user taps the URL, they will have to provide a username and password to log in to Mobile Server using this authentication mode.
  8. For Android devices, you must shorten the configuration URL before you insert it as a clickable link in an email. To do this, click Use Short URL.
  9. To generate the URL, click Generate URL. The URL is generated and displayed in the dialog box. You can then copy and paste the URL into an email for iPhone and iPad users. For Android users, you can insert the link into an HTML page and instruct users to click on the appropriate link using the browser on their Android devices, or you can email a short URL.
  10. Click Save.

Configuring the Application from the Device

You can also configure MicroStrategy Mobile for iPhone, iPad, and Android through the Settings screen in the application. You need to add the connection information for the MicroStrategy Mobile server, and then configure the projects that you want to receive reports from, as described in the procedures below.

If you have applied a configuration to the device and that configuration does not allow users to view or change the device settings, you will not be able to configure the application from your device. Contact your system administrator if you need to change your configuration settings.

To Configure MicroStrategy Mobile on an iPhone, iPad, or Android Device

  1. Open the Settings screen:
    • On an iPhone, tap the Settings button.
    • On an iPad, tap and then tap Settings.
    • On Android, tap the menu button , then tap Settings.

      Depending on your configuration, you may not be able to access the Settings screen, or you may only be able to view the About MicroStrategy Mobile information.

  2. To configure an existing server, tap the server name or IP address. To add a new server, tap Add Mobile Server. Specify the settings for the server as described in Configure the Connectivity Settings.
  3. To configure the application settings, tap Advanced Settings. Specify the settings for the application as described in Configure the iPhone or iPad Settings or Configuring MicroStrategy Mobile for Android.

Downloading a Client Certificate from the Certificate Server

  1. Click Get Certificate.
  2. In the Authentication screen, log in using your MicroStrategy login and password. The certificate will download and display in the Advanced Settings screen.
  3. To exit the settings screen and return to the Home screen, tap Home.