Version 2021

Use a Visualization to Filter Data in a Different Dossier

You can use a visualization in one dossier to filter data in a different dossier. First, define one visualization as the source. Then, select a page from a different dossier that you want to filter as the target. The target visualizations only display data that also appears in the source.

  1. Open the dossier you want to modify.
  2. Hover over the visualization to use as the source and in the top right, click More > Create Contextual Link.
  3. In the Contextual Link dialog, click the folder icon .

  4. Choose a dossier to link to and click OK.
  5. From the Page drop-down, choose a page of the dossier to target. All visualizations in the target page will be filtered by the source visualization.
  6. In the Tooltip field, enter a description for your tooltip. The tooltip appears when you hover over the source visualization and links to the target page.
  7. To pass the filter panel conditions to the target page, select the Pass the filter conditions to the target page checkbox.

    The attributes and metrics used in the Filter Panel for both the source dossier and the target dossier must be the same. For more information, see KB483883: Limitations of using a visualization to filter data in a different dossier.

  8. Click Save.
  9. In the source dossier, hover over the visualization and click the tooltip. The target page appears with the data filtered by the source visualization.
  10. To remove the visualization filter from the target dossier, hover over the visualization in the target dossier and in the top left corner, click Clear Filter .

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